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Prudouts precision machining project of Nantong China

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Update time : 2016-12-30 20:57:00

Our company developed various types of thermal analyzer special sample plate / all kinds of precision stamping die production and processing of the crucible, can meet the needs of the application of any heat, aluminum, copper, sample plate platinum and alumina material, alumina crucible in the domestic leading position, the combustion temperature reaches 1800 degrees, suitable for the United States PE, TA (United States original), DuPont tebau, Switzerland, Mettler, SHIMADZU, Seiko, Saito Ram of France (SETARAM), domestic thermal analyzer, reliable quality. And with excellent product quality, cost-effective price, reliable service to win the trust of the majority of domestic users, our end users, including domestic well-known universities, factories and research institutes.